Wednesday, 25 June 2008

and while we're on the subject I also really love the illustrations of grady mcferrin they have a lovely folksy nostalgic feel about them and a nice use of muted colours with a bit of neon for good measure. nice.

loving you isnt the right thing to do....

I think I have found my soul mate. Marcus Oakley I mean we're SO into the same things...seventies music... check... fleetwood mac.... check...bicylces....check...the great out, craft, illustration..check,check,check! I love you I do.

Monday, 23 June 2008

away with the fairies

it so didnt rain. in fact yesterday was glorious sunshine all day. I am just not going to listen to weather forecasts from now on, they are never right except on the actual day and to be honest that is not a forecast.... on saturday evening we headed to the most amazing house I have ever seen. there were tennis courts and a pool and vast grounds and a gym and STAFF. lordy lord how the other half live. on the approach to the house we suddenly had a freak out that it was in fact a formal event...I mean surely if this is your house you expect skirts below the knee and big hats and here we were turning up (with an extremely tenuous link to the host btw) in jeans and converse with nothing but a couple of bottles of cider to offer. as we entered the car park two tall blondes in heels and basically what could be discribed as cocktail dresses swaggered past. merde! this made us very nervous about our entrance but as we filed sheepishly in we realised that they had so got the dress code wrong.... a weird party but as always ... we rocked the casbah.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

rain rain go away...

rain is on the cards all weekend so im taking myself off to the i really brighton beach to be precise and then to a party in a big old country house with a pool. perfecto. report and photos to follow in a day or two. have a bueno weekendo. oxo

Friday, 20 June 2008


I know Im not meant to be buying anything ....and I wont I wont I promise...I'll just look at them every now and again and dream...sigh. I also know that life wouldnt be better if I owned one of these...there is absloutely nothing wrong with my bike...absolutely nothing.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

I still haven't worked out how to post a youtube video but I really like this one.
She and Him ( Zooey Deschanel and M.Ward) The song is one of my all time favourite motown songs and they do a great job of folk-i-fying it. This random video is cool too, nothing to do with the song but I love all the 1950's imagery...especially that meat stew thing towards the end...that is special.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

G is for...

Only 8 more sleeps until Glastonbury. I cant wait!!

And if you needed more proof

views of camberwell from the terrace

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Camberwell beauty.

I should mention this week end my amazing friend lottie had a show as part of the Camberwell arts festival. firstly let me say how in awe of her I am for having the guts to do this for a living. She really has to be so self driven..respec. Secondly I must congratulate her for getting through the past few weeks! I was up with her until 3am on friday calmly making a horses head for the show the next day. Hats off to you Lot you had it nailed this time. Anyway the show was a triumph. I was one of the first people to arrive at her installation...even though I knew the 2 people in that damp DARK room, I still found the experience extremely creepy!! It was, it really was ...but in a good way. It was the same kind of thrill you get from a ghost train, that kind of tense apprehension. I even missed out on a bit of the action because I had my eyes screwed up so tightly shut and I was sweating by the time I came back out. I really am so pleased that things like this are happening in our neighbourhood. Camberwell for centuries has been home to a colourful variety of inhabitants...lunatics, bohemians, drunks and not forgetting the Camberwell beauty. Im glad I live in this arty little corner of south London so steeped in history and character. Thank you to the people who make it interesting. Camberwell, Camberwell, Camberwell ...I love you.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Pomps and pin curls

I love the pictures and tutorials on pomps and pincurls a good resource for fancy dressing up.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

I really love this mans work... Eduardo Recife you are a genius and I salute you.
I have always been fond of collage. I think it harks back to my interest in collecting random pleasing objects and filling my life with them. I have always found it impossible to stick to one style ( of anything) and I guess collage makes an art of a collections of random doodles and photos and text....this is my kind of art.
I can also see myself whiling away many an hour on this site.
Yeasayer and Beirut are brilliant. xeb

Cab gigs

This is brilliant! So many cool artists have taken part. I like the Micah P Hinson one and of course Bon Iver . I saw them play their first ever uk gig the other day at the Social. Seriously it was one of the most affecting gigs I have ever been to, Justin Vernon's singing gave me shivers it was so heart achingly beautiful....He got the audience to join in with this song I nearly cried it was pure magic! lucky old cabbies. Imagine youre just driving a cab around one day and Micah P jumps in the back and starts sining. What a day that would be.

Possibly my favourite things ever ever ever are old photos. I love imagining the story behind the photo. I love the nostalgia for days gone by when life was simple and they wore tea dresses and had real hair do's. I even like that I know that the faces looking back at me are probably dead or very old by now and the photo is all that is left of their life.
This web site is heaven for me. I like this defaced set. Some seem a little sinister like they've been attacked in a moment of fury or heartbreak. Like the this one, I wonder if that shadowy head belongs to the person who later on removed her face! I love the ones of people just messing around hiding their faces... I wonder if there are any photos of me looking like this floating around out there...

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

All you need is love dah da dadadah

It seems that all I hear about these days in the CREDIT CRUNCH. Interest rates, fuel, energy and food prices all rising and housing prices soaring. I know I'm going to have to make some life style adjustments. I have decided to give the following penny saving tricks a go this year. grow veg. bake bread and cakes. customise existing or charity shop clothes, holiday in the UK eat seasonal local food. buy less. turn things off at the socket. cycle (ok I already do that) wash less (joke) find free ways of entertaining myself. make birthday presents... Speaking of which I am hoping that they will bring back £1 notes so that I can give this to my friends on their birthday. They wont be able to buy anything with it... but hey we all know what's more important than money. I'll let you know how I get on with these things.

it was so hot today that i had beads of sweat trickling down my legs (from my knee pits)on the bus, leaving little pools at my feet. i was melting i tell you. you would never hear me complaining about a hot day but a number 436 is not the place to be when its like this....and neither is work.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

my song for the summer

This song makes me want to be standing in a field at a festival , the band playing with late evening golden sunlight and me and my friends with cider glowing cheeks... xeb

Monday, 9 June 2008

hello blogging world. ( clearing my throat) I feel a bit shy, like the new girl at school who doesn't quite know what to do with herself or where to sit at lunch.

i've started this blog as a way to gather my exciting web finds. also i like doing things and seeing things and hearing things and cooking things and creating things and a really big fan of sharing things. most of the time i just have all this kind of stuff flying chaotically around my head. so it occured to me i should write it down... and i reckon if you find something you enjoy, you should pass it on... so thats what this is, just me sharing the love.
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