Monday, 23 June 2008

away with the fairies

it so didnt rain. in fact yesterday was glorious sunshine all day. I am just not going to listen to weather forecasts from now on, they are never right except on the actual day and to be honest that is not a forecast.... on saturday evening we headed to the most amazing house I have ever seen. there were tennis courts and a pool and vast grounds and a gym and STAFF. lordy lord how the other half live. on the approach to the house we suddenly had a freak out that it was in fact a formal event...I mean surely if this is your house you expect skirts below the knee and big hats and here we were turning up (with an extremely tenuous link to the host btw) in jeans and converse with nothing but a couple of bottles of cider to offer. as we entered the car park two tall blondes in heels and basically what could be discribed as cocktail dresses swaggered past. merde! this made us very nervous about our entrance but as we filed sheepishly in we realised that they had so got the dress code wrong.... a weird party but as always ... we rocked the casbah.

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