Tuesday, 29 July 2008

just came back from seeing the wave pictures... at the windmill in brixton. if you dont know them you should get acquainted...theyre really rather good.

p.s i love hot weather but rain has just started plopping down in fist sized drops on my terrace and im very glad about that...the past few days have been that kind of muggy, soupy claustrophobic heat....and now the air smells of damp earth. mmmmmmmmm.

my tribe!

while channel surfing, trying to combat sunday night insomnia, i accidentally came across tribal wives... I was just thinking what a stupid concept this sounded and how they really were scraping the barrel of crappy reality ideas ...tribal wife swap, what a complete crock...yawn yawn yawn!..but then the voice over mentioned siberut... and i had to sit up and listen.
siberut is a remote indonesian island that i visited about 9 years ago on a south east asian trip, we {an ex and handful of other 'intrepid' travellers} chartered a fishing boat and went and stayed in a village on the island with the mentawai people, the tiny tattooed indigenous islanders who wore loin cloths and filed their teeth into points and chain smoked and laughed and spat a lot. we stayed in a long house on stilts that housed all 10 family members and their pets and had about 20 pigs living beneith who acted as both waste disposers and dinner ( oh and occasional sacrificail offering to the spirits).... so anyway last night this chick was off to do the same... and you know what i SWEAR it was the same family she stayed with...seriously i dug out old photos and compared! it made every hair on my body stand on end then i laughed, then i wept {i know weird} it was so tremendously great to see this place an its lovely inhabitants again ....oh sigh for the days when i did stuff like that!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Sunday, 27 July 2008

whats in a name...

its not often that my dreams make sense or have any wittiness about them so i had to share this one...last night i dreamt that id had twin girls ( they were about 7 in the dream) and their names were rosie lee and ruby murry... this wont mean much to you if you're not familiar with cockney rhyming slang but let me tell you....its genius! i never knew i had a sense of humour in my sleep, i think this is hilarious and i will be thoroughly disappointed if i dont have twin girls some day so that i can make this dream a reality.

my girls

i have just been uploading some old photos onto flickr and i came across this one...yep thats me flanked by my two favourite girls in the world. arent they beautiful.

Saturday, 26 July 2008


...i think i'm developing another crush...

this is adam neate, a street artist who paints on bits or cardboard {or walls} and leaves them in public places. i like that, moving the idea of graffitti on a step, making it portable so people can actually take it home with them if they choose....neat.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

camp bestival......

well this hasnt done much for reviving me. i just spent 3 nights at another festival in dorset the weather was glorious again and there was a sea view from the site, which was a first for me.
there were moments of genius at this one which i think alluded to its big sister festival : bestival.... like the camp fires on the camping sites where bands played each night. the bollywood bar that served excellent bloody marys and had beds for lounging outside. the mirrored dance hall that hosted jive classes, the dingely dell trail with musicians hiding in bushes...not to mention the multitudes of mad hatters , white rabbits and cheshire cats { alice in wonderland theme.}

we stopped by the beach on the way home. oh what a way to end a festival, they should make it law that all festivals are next to beaches....they should! nothing like washing away the festival grime with a bracing dip in the feeer-reeeezing english channel.

... some pictures to follow....when my brother gets round to down loading them from his flashy camera and sending them to me.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

zzzzzzzzzzz but not for long...

the past few days have been a total wimp fest for me....seriously i have been so darn tired its just been wooooooorrrksleeeeeeepwooooorksleeeeep. i blame it on the weekend's escapades, i was having too much fun and not enough sleeping. i think i've emerged from this boring cycle now though... well i hope so anyway because i am going to camp bestival this weekend. the dressing up theme is alice in wonderland....im thinking mad hatter....or maybe the queen of hearts.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

hidden treasure....

this is where i went tonight... with lottie and katy.the bonnington café is a co-operatively run vegitarian restaurant in a victorian house in residential square in vauxhall { although i felt like id been transported to paris cira 1940} . it took 1/2 an hour for us to find it but once inside the charming home made, home run candle lit warmth soon made up for the soggy cold wet feet.
the unique thing about this place is that no single person runs the restaurant, it's maintained by a collective of cooks who take turns volunteering just for the love of cooking and the sense of community! what a lovely thing to do! plus we were entertained by the worlds most beautiful accordion player {see above} ....plus its a byo...plus the price is set at £11 for 3 courses....plus the waitresses sang us little song in french when the kitchen closed... .really i could go on and on i am quite smitten with this place....a vegitarian restaurant!!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

isnt she just terrific

a few months ago id run out of new film titles on my love film list. a friend told me about the documentary she thought id enjoy. greys gardens was about the lives of the bouvier beales {or big edie and little edie as they were affectionately known} a new york society mother and daughter who had fallen from grace into a reclusive existance in their dilapidated, vermin infested mansion in the hamptons...the film documents their eccentric behavior; eating frois grois straight from the tin with a shoe horn and wearing sweaters as hats and curtains as skirts {youve got to love them for that!} this is the picture book about little edie as a beautiful young socialite before she got all wacky. what a beauty! its kind of heart breaking when you know how she ended up. ...she was still terrific though.


Wednesday, 9 July 2008


something to cheer you up on this not very summery july day.....you can see more here

Monday, 7 July 2008

from vietnaam to paris texas

so this weekend i....
ate vietmamese
cleaned the flat for 5 hours..{ i hate cleaning}
had tea with gracie {lovely}
stocked the fridge
cut myself a fringe a la stevie nicks
went to bens party
met baby django {beautiful}
decided to go to the tim walker exhibition at the design museum...another day
ate japanese
watched the best film ever made {which features coolest pink mohair jumper ever worn}
and then the worst film ever made.... nope not even giving you the link...its not worth the effort.

i heart birds and all things birdy....

real ones are best but gold ones on chains are veeeeery nice too....according to this {totally wacky} book you can make something materialise by positive mental attitude....you know just by thinking about it a lot and believing its yours it will eventually find its way into your life...errrm well ive been trying this for a long time now and a young paul newman still hasn't appeared in my bed and neither has this on my neck.....so looks like i'll be robbing a bank before revisiting this site.

...so while we're on the subject of birds...and objects of my desire, i like the tees available from the yellow bird project these are designed by bands and the proceeds from each sale goes to char-i-deee of the bands choice...so although you are technically still buying stuff {something im trying to do less}....you are also donating to charity.... so its ok.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

collage...i love

more collage with faded colours, retro imagery AND nice bold graphic font which is another thing i love btw. you can see more of the work of kareem rizk at his myspace or even buy it on etsy...which is what i would do if i were you ...and you were rich....its going on my wish list.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

praise the lord...{or ra or helius or maybe the druids or whoever it was responsible for the sun}

the gang

oh yes i thank you all...this was my best glastonbury ever and it looked like it was getting off to such a crappy start. essential roadworks on the m4 {on glastonbury weekend i ask you???} my friends car died and had to to towed and then she had to give it up for scrap, another friend packed all of our tickets in her boyfriends bag who went on ahead....and then there was a storm and everyone who'd headed there early got wet, so so wet...but then we arrived, the tickets were found the, clouds they parted and the rain it ceased...and that was that...a glorious, sunny humdinger of a glastonbury. THANK YOU. watching vampire weekend or caribu, laura marling, tuung, yeasayer,the whip, the national,vetiver would not have been quite as magnificent if it had been raining. although having backstage access to hot showers and clean toilets may well have rose tinted my big heart shaped glasses.

glastonbury 2008, the magic ingredients....


strawberry cider - like the taste of eating sky

the back stage access

the park...with the rabbit hole

loosing the wellies

swooping seagulls

pink hats

camp fires

a ground you could roll on

jangly african guitars

golden sunlight on smiley faces

toilets that are still pretty much ok on sunday night

and luke..... thank you thank you thank you luke
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