Tuesday, 22 July 2008

camp bestival......

well this hasnt done much for reviving me. i just spent 3 nights at another festival in dorset the weather was glorious again and there was a sea view from the site, which was a first for me.
there were moments of genius at this one which i think alluded to its big sister festival : bestival.... like the camp fires on the camping sites where bands played each night. the bollywood bar that served excellent bloody marys and had beds for lounging outside. the mirrored dance hall that hosted jive classes, the dingely dell trail with musicians hiding in bushes...not to mention the multitudes of mad hatters , white rabbits and cheshire cats { alice in wonderland theme.}

we stopped by the beach on the way home. oh what a way to end a festival, they should make it law that all festivals are next to beaches....they should! nothing like washing away the festival grime with a bracing dip in the feeer-reeeezing english channel.

... some pictures to follow....when my brother gets round to down loading them from his flashy camera and sending them to me.

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