Thursday, 10 July 2008

isnt she just terrific

a few months ago id run out of new film titles on my love film list. a friend told me about the documentary she thought id enjoy. greys gardens was about the lives of the bouvier beales {or big edie and little edie as they were affectionately known} a new york society mother and daughter who had fallen from grace into a reclusive existance in their dilapidated, vermin infested mansion in the hamptons...the film documents their eccentric behavior; eating frois grois straight from the tin with a shoe horn and wearing sweaters as hats and curtains as skirts {youve got to love them for that!} this is the picture book about little edie as a beautiful young socialite before she got all wacky. what a beauty! its kind of heart breaking when you know how she ended up. ...she was still terrific though.

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