Tuesday, 29 July 2008

my tribe!

while channel surfing, trying to combat sunday night insomnia, i accidentally came across tribal wives... I was just thinking what a stupid concept this sounded and how they really were scraping the barrel of crappy reality ideas ...tribal wife swap, what a complete crock...yawn yawn yawn!..but then the voice over mentioned siberut... and i had to sit up and listen.
siberut is a remote indonesian island that i visited about 9 years ago on a south east asian trip, we {an ex and handful of other 'intrepid' travellers} chartered a fishing boat and went and stayed in a village on the island with the mentawai people, the tiny tattooed indigenous islanders who wore loin cloths and filed their teeth into points and chain smoked and laughed and spat a lot. we stayed in a long house on stilts that housed all 10 family members and their pets and had about 20 pigs living beneith who acted as both waste disposers and dinner ( oh and occasional sacrificail offering to the spirits).... so anyway last night this chick was off to do the same... and you know what i SWEAR it was the same family she stayed with...seriously i dug out old photos and compared! it made every hair on my body stand on end then i laughed, then i wept {i know weird} it was so tremendously great to see this place an its lovely inhabitants again ....oh sigh for the days when i did stuff like that!

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