Thursday, 3 July 2008

praise the lord...{or ra or helius or maybe the druids or whoever it was responsible for the sun}

the gang

oh yes i thank you all...this was my best glastonbury ever and it looked like it was getting off to such a crappy start. essential roadworks on the m4 {on glastonbury weekend i ask you???} my friends car died and had to to towed and then she had to give it up for scrap, another friend packed all of our tickets in her boyfriends bag who went on ahead....and then there was a storm and everyone who'd headed there early got wet, so so wet...but then we arrived, the tickets were found the, clouds they parted and the rain it ceased...and that was that...a glorious, sunny humdinger of a glastonbury. THANK YOU. watching vampire weekend or caribu, laura marling, tuung, yeasayer,the whip, the national,vetiver would not have been quite as magnificent if it had been raining. although having backstage access to hot showers and clean toilets may well have rose tinted my big heart shaped glasses.

glastonbury 2008, the magic ingredients....


strawberry cider - like the taste of eating sky

the back stage access

the park...with the rabbit hole

loosing the wellies

swooping seagulls

pink hats

camp fires

a ground you could roll on

jangly african guitars

golden sunlight on smiley faces

toilets that are still pretty much ok on sunday night

and luke..... thank you thank you thank you luke

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