Monday, 25 August 2008

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i have A LOT of catching up to do. the past couple of weeks have been a bit of a fly by blur most of it very good... some of it not so good {but mainly just in contrast} so here are a few of the key events...

more festivalling; do i ever tire of it i hear you is the truth, although sometimes i love it less that others. green man was more like brown man, the wet,rainy muddy and not so nice brother of the afore mentioned. thank god for the ENORMOUS tent we took. i dont know what we'd have done without *the rage*.after the first sunny day, the heavens opened and it did not let-up for the next week{ i know this because i was there, in the brecon beacons not the tent, for the duration} one day we had a party in the tent all day. seriously i did not leave once, well ok maybe once to the call of nature but for about 18 hours, 15 of us huddled inside. drinking pints of bloody mary to numb the pain, with only cheese to survive on...this is not a complaint, i loved every element of that scenario.

this is a complaint: let me just say this is not august, its just not. well not the one i know and love anyway. august is meant to be the one guaranteed sunny month of the year in england. we rely on august to soak up the goodness that will fuel us through the rest of the year in this boggy land...if this is what august has become then we {i} am doomed...i have not done the necessary sun absorbing, my bones are not warm and i have not created the shimmering ,glowing memory on which to cling and drag me through the next 9 dark months. this is more like october . all i can hope is that it is a square trade off and we get what we have been robbed of in 5 weeks time... round about my birthday would be good. if not then i am emigrating...for real.

any way i digress. after green man we had a quiet and very wet welsh get away with no tv, phone or computer but lots of reading, eating and thinking, which is always rather blissful, rain or shine

that was followed by an extremely hectic massively unpleasant few days at work catching up and preparing for hk trip next week. which has lead me to a big decision {or half of one} which i will probably reveal another time.

in the meantime i bade farewell to my very excited brother who has just embarked on the long anticipated *burning man* road trip; san fran to nevada via so excited for him but also insanely jealous, i did this trip two years in a row a few years back so i know the adventure he is in for...its just makes my life { and having a job}seem a bit drab... thats all.

I almost had a complete disaster, getting stuck in traffic on the m4 and missing my favourite band play my favourite song which would have definitely cured my holiday blues in an instant...

....but then i caught them at a free store gig at rough trade a few days later... which was even better! { and did cure me too} i love the drummer....i think i have a thing for drummers...its all that rhythm.

my most glamorous engagement {maybe ever} definitely in the fortnight
was attending a surprise party in shorditch house {there is a swimming pool on the roof and a bowling in the bar dont-cha know!} too much red wine consumed here though. ...ahhh well, as they say, you can take the festival girl out of the festival but you can take the festival out of the girl.

and so to yesterday , an extremely necessary day of rest and recovery and now... phew-wee...some time to catch my breath, pay some bills {oh joy}, upload photos, blog etc, etc.

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