Wednesday, 24 September 2008

it was the autumn equinox yesterday :-(

the only good thing about this sad fact is that its boot wearing season again so I shall soon be perchasing a pair of these . I supose if I have to look on the bright side autum does herald birthday celebrations whch means seeing all of my favourite people in the same place very soon. it also has the potential for breezy, clear blue kite flying skies, life drawing classes at the candid arts centre begin. favourite dark coloured winter clothes are back on the scene. boozy roast lunches resume on sundays. I get my annual hair treat. {the rest of the year I make do with DY trims} good TV is back and good films are released, I actually use my love film membership.
lie ins become legal. staying in is the new going out..... Ok so 11 good things...thats not so bad.

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