Thursday, 11 September 2008

this was hong kong....

it was tacky.... but in a good way. I love a bit of commie kitsch...(a bit of ming dynasty kitsch ...even better)
The ladies were so stylish and completely designer label obsessed, obsessed with all things shopping actually, even more than ladies here.... Hong Kong is the land of conspicuous consumption some say. ( yeah of course i did, little bit)

It was was the most high rise country I have ever visited...I banished all thoughts of towering infernos and quite enjoyed the novelty of the street views with cars like toys and people like ants. Initially I found it quite hilarious that the words to aerosmith's love in an elevator escaped compulsively out of my mouth every time I got in a lift. ( this did wear a little thin after about day 3 but I couldnt stop )

It was a bit beachy too which was a very nice surprise indeed. I had no idea when I set off that I would be lying on sand any time soon.... there was me and 3 life guards on the beach. I think i was a major disappointment to them, I only got in the water for approx 1.5 mins...and I didnt need saving (the water only came up to my waist!) nice of them to hang around all day in case I did though.

How green it was on Lamma island! and tropical ( spider as big as my thumb)

and then there was the kind of bluey grey palette of HK bay, I guess it was the humidity that made it look that way. when you were actually on the island you had to look straight up in order to see the sky. I'm a girl who likes wide open space...and sky...I really like to see the sky, I like to avoid being in the shadow of anything.

There were quite a few meal time challanges...( which I rose to naturally.) In the space of 5 days I was served sea cucumber, sharks fin soup ( I know bad bad bad! I will probably be eaten by a shark next time I scuba as karmic payback), geese feet ( I really did..the pale jellyish, yellowish,clawed talons are still haunting me)

and chose my dinner from a tank...I think this little nimo is mouthing heeeeelllllp meeee at me though the glass. I didnt eat him.

There were so many pretty tropical birds at the bird market, sadly cooped up in small cages together. I felt like a bit of a swine going there at all...but you know I have a thing for birds. I couldnt resist. at first I wanted to charge round opening doors and shaking them free, but then I decided to respect this ancient tradition the only way I could, I took pictures and bought 2 wooden birdcages to use as light shades at home.

This was the first lotus flower I've ever seen. look at the colour! they look plastic but they're not!

more dodgy food....having said that I ate the best sasheemi I have ever had...and there was so much of it.... and I wasnt paying!

There was a lot of neon, lots of it everywhere in big gaudy signs over the streets in rainrow colours. I like to think they held nice, poetic words...not words advertising rooms by the hour.

I wanted to take these lamp shades home...but aparrently they weren't for sale ( plus I had the bird cages)


These are birthday buns .....or maybe bums its hard to say.

It was great to get away, its so good to be reminded of the wonders that lie out there in the big wide world and to experience new an exciting things but its also great I think to remember what you have and love at marmite on toast for instance. ...and horizons.

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