Thursday, 23 October 2008

Maybe becasue I have the 70's on the brain....

but I'm loving remembering all about this song today...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Im still here...

and I have so much to report about my week long birthday extravaganza.... but too tired right now.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

the end of an era

on monday i turn 30. up until 2 weeks ago I had been looking forward to this. I have spent the past year mentally prepping myself.

I careered through twenties with an air of recklessness, symptomatic of the noughties { new labour, a new millennium, 3 credit cards, economic boom etc} not really achieving much along the way { apart from some amazing friends and {some!} memories} I enjoyed it too but in the past year things have slowly changed.

nights out have become fewer in favour of dinner parties. I think about the future beyond the next weekend. I pay more attention to current affairs. I bake more, I ride a bike. I spend more time pursuing hobbies and passions. I am more selective about how and who I spend my precious spare time with. I follow fashion less and my ever developing impeccable sense of style and individuality more. I appreciate music because it is good not because it is cool. I know how to wire up a plug and change a fuse. I understand mortgage stuff....sort of {well not really}...Im as ready as ready can be, BRING IT ON.

So why do I feel a bit weird?... I think maybe I feel sad that the end of an era has arrived in more ways that one. It was really fun being carefree, I loved not giving a s**t!! living life in the fast lane ( with help of loads cheap credit) I did so many exciting things in my twenties ...they were pretty rock and roll as it goes. Turning 30 feels a bit like bidding farewell to a dear old friend..
In truth I believe Im ready to slow down a bit, live a little more calmly and considerately. The slower road is often the most interesting one so I hear...after all, you never know whats round the next bend.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I woke at 5 am feeling inexplicably anxious. couldn't get back to sleep so got up. someone had stolen the back wheel of my bike so i got the tube to work. we had a 9 am meeting where we were told that no one would be getting a bonus or a pay rise this year ( obviously this was not a surprise).I found out one of my favourite merchandisers eric had been made redundant, the company he works for, that we have production with is on the brink of going into administration i think. did my expenses from HK trip and realised i owe £200.
I think the anxiety is about turning 30...or maybe the credit crunch...or being trapped im my job....or maybe losing it...or maybe dying alone and unloved having achieved nothing...or maybe it was realising that paul newman really is dead! its strange, anxiety really isnt my style. anyway today was well pony.

this usually cheers me up...


nope even that didnt work still feeling BLEAK :-(

Saturday, 4 October 2008

tiny weeny super star! this a 12 year old boy or a really small man pretending?
either way prepare to pick your chin off the floor...behold the finger picking wizardry of sungha jung

other peoples scribble

... I challange you to not get sucked in, its surprisingly easy to waste time on this hour of my life...gone.

nice one from micah p


this is the clever thing i have just figured out... if you ever find yourself at a party and you feel compelled to take charge of the music { no no that never happens to me} Rather than risking leaving your ipod at the possibly not too familiar venue { no no thats never happened to me either} now all you have to do is youtube any song you wish to infilct on the other revellers...hey presto! instant free dukebox with video included. im sure this is old news but im loving it.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

if youre out there prince charming...this would seal the deal

youd have to go to redhook brooklyn to get it mind you.

a ray of sunshine in the grey...

This is the first thing that made me laugh today.

This is the second:
a conversation with vida; the short round, old african lady who cleans the offices.

" hi vida, how's it going?"
" hi ethal" she calls me ethal even though its not my name and she knows its not
"aww Im ok apart from my eye!"
"oh yeah....what did you do? that looks sore vida."
" sex games!" she booms....followed the loudest dirtiest chuckle known to man. heads turn and she just waddles away shaking her head, still laughing.

I love her! she is a ray of sunshine in my day.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

more wishes

available from toast, a shop that i cant imagine i will ever be able to shop in....unless maybe i give up drinking.

patrick gildersleeves.....

your name is rad and so are your drawings. this is me taking my hat off to you.

nelly duff = nice stuff

hennie haworth
mr bingo {via nellyduff}
I suggest you have a butchers at this site or better still get yourself to columbia rd, the flower market. on sundays its a perfect place to go for breakfast at one of the many snackeries. then you can cruse the boutiques and shop/galleries {such as the afore linked} and go home with arm fulls of cheap flowers ...that is if you stick it out till closing time when all remaining blooms are 1/2 price.
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