Thursday, 9 October 2008

the end of an era

on monday i turn 30. up until 2 weeks ago I had been looking forward to this. I have spent the past year mentally prepping myself.

I careered through twenties with an air of recklessness, symptomatic of the noughties { new labour, a new millennium, 3 credit cards, economic boom etc} not really achieving much along the way { apart from some amazing friends and {some!} memories} I enjoyed it too but in the past year things have slowly changed.

nights out have become fewer in favour of dinner parties. I think about the future beyond the next weekend. I pay more attention to current affairs. I bake more, I ride a bike. I spend more time pursuing hobbies and passions. I am more selective about how and who I spend my precious spare time with. I follow fashion less and my ever developing impeccable sense of style and individuality more. I appreciate music because it is good not because it is cool. I know how to wire up a plug and change a fuse. I understand mortgage stuff....sort of {well not really}...Im as ready as ready can be, BRING IT ON.

So why do I feel a bit weird?... I think maybe I feel sad that the end of an era has arrived in more ways that one. It was really fun being carefree, I loved not giving a s**t!! living life in the fast lane ( with help of loads cheap credit) I did so many exciting things in my twenties ...they were pretty rock and roll as it goes. Turning 30 feels a bit like bidding farewell to a dear old friend..
In truth I believe Im ready to slow down a bit, live a little more calmly and considerately. The slower road is often the most interesting one so I hear...after all, you never know whats round the next bend.

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