Saturday, 8 November 2008

my 30th birthday...the best ever.

I did it! and without referring to the manual once. It turns out I was doing it right all along but the poor little laptop was taking so long to compute and I am the most impatient person on the planet which meant I kept aborting before it got the chance to get the job done.

So as promised {mum} here is a taster of some of the 1978 weekend....

A youth hostel on the south downs with a view of the sea. kites and walks and picnics in the golden autumnal sunshine. a camp fire, harmonious song and ukulele lessons. A special 70's buffet complete with prawn ring and cheese on cocktail sticks {natch}. a delicious feast {or 2 or 3} . balloons and party games. dressing fancy and disco dancing!
All that plus 21 of the best people in the world, who made sure I didnt have to do anything but have immeasurable amounts of fun all weekend long...
I am so lucky to count you as friends.

you made it the best bithday ever.

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