Saturday, 22 November 2008

the trouble with life.....

there just isnt enough time to fit everything in, boring things like work can really get in the way of fun.... can someone please tell me how you're meant to fit in working and actually living life?all that personal admin you know paying bills, cleaning, laundry, shopping.... and then theres hobbying, holidaying, culture soaking and socialising ...AND blogging ? my *to do* list is never ending its really quite demoralising.

one solution would be to just stop adding to it, I know but the thing is it consists of equally really really important things that I want to get sample the legendary pizza at franco manca, test drive ondine's new stunt kite, go back to life drawing class, buy a carpet, write to mrs b, learn to web design, cruise for new tunes on emusic, paint my floor boards, revisit america and thailand and france. go to a car boot sale, make christmas cards, get tickets for la clique, go to la clique, attend many of the cool things I read about in my weekly subscription to time out...and so on. how can i possibly cram this in to two piddly days at the end of the week? {evenings dont really count in the winter, theyre too dark, my body thinks its night time and curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and csi is just about all I can manage}

anyway so I havent posted in a while due hectic work and if im honest, dark evening induced laziness, so im just going to let it all out in one go:

some of the things that have caught my eye this week....

jamie lidell singing to his cat.

lennon interview...found by typing *cool animation* into youtube...

I have been dreaming of escaping somewhere far away...and sunny. its not that I dont like england, its just that I dont like winter and dark evenings and rainy weekends.
I always said Id do another big trip when I turned 30...that time has come and travel plans are yet to be laid. (another * to do* for the list)

this is harpy my new flickr favourite, Im in love with her photos, all of them, especially the california set. I think thats where I'll go next... in my dreams at least.

I have done most of my day dreaming to the sound of okkervil river this week... mmm-mmmm this song; sad but sweet.

and finally for some art:

irana douer im liking your style.

jim houser; Im liking yours too...even though you really overuse the word rad in this interview. I forgive you.

you know I'm a sucker for a collage, there are some nice ones to be found here on martin o'neill's site

and one last case you hadn't been told in a while;

oh yes you are! from this site which has nothing to do with this site.... im glad to see people are spreading the word.

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