Tuesday, 23 December 2008

the wonderful world of albert kahn

a while ago i caught a couple of the bbc programs documenting the lifes work of albert kahn, a millionaire banker and philanthropist who wanted to capture the world and its inhabitants in full technicolour. he hoped that by showing people the beauty and diversity of one anothers cultures he would promote world peace.....i like your thinking mr kahn.

my mum has just reminded me about the book... surely a must have for all the old photo addicts like me.

james gulliver hancock

Monday, 22 December 2008

car boot haul...

as always i could have bought a lot more but i was meant to be shopping for others so i had to rein myself in... personally i'd be chuffed if someone gave me 10 mismatched mid winter tea sets...i realise my dad and brother may not be so thrilled

ultimate comfort food

smoked haddock and parmesan pot.
poach haddock fillets for a few minutes in milk or water then drain the fluid, (this gets rid of some of the salt.)
remove skin and flake into an oven proof dish then cover with equal parts milk and single cream.
add pepper then grate parmesan on the top. place under a moderate grill until golden brown and bubbling. serve with toasted seed bread...devour, using toast to spoon into mouth.


at the request of my grandma mrs b...im trying to draw again...all she wants for christmas is something i've drawn....which should be a piece of cake for someone who did a degree in illustration....but its been a while... a looooong while. theses are meant to be of me. errrrm like i said....been a while.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

gigs i have been to this month

pretty firm favourites around these parts; the broken family band played cargo, end of the road xmas party.

darren hayman of hefner , the handsome family , jeremy warmsly, the accidental and the ukulele orchestra of great britain.

awe inspiring sculpture

this is the incredible work of genius and kanetic sculpor theo jansen. he creates creatures that live and roam the shores of holland.  he predicts that eventually these forms of life will live in herds on the beaches. they will not get their energy from food but from the wind. watch his charming lecture on ted talks.  the man has reinvented the wheel! hats off.

this is magnetic sulture by sachiko kokmadathis is magnetic sulture by sachiko kokmada

i think it must be good to surf dont you?

in need of some...

stress relief...what a stinker of a week.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

...your face , my a*%@

this is nice ...and I would totally buy one from here if i had $3oo kicking around to spend on something to decorate the neck.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

some happy hairies...

the magic numbers by rachel domm.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Friday, 12 December 2008

a book full of pictures of you know who...how could you be stuck for ideas mum?

i really like...

rubber stamps ... wish i'da bought this one for xmas card making.

{oh yes and peace...i really like peace too}
david sparshott apparently you went to my uni...i like your drawings of bristol. i remember that project :-)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

this is ridiculously pretty...

with a ridiculous price tag to match. from paul smith. im gonna make one....easy peasy.


elsie de wolfe: interior designer, inventor of the pink lady cocktail... and the blue rinse.

reasons to be cheerful....

a book id like to own.

impossibly cool....

she is the one and only reason i took french a level. more of the impossible cool this way

welcome to...

the welcome wagon. a husband wife duo sing presbyterian hymns with a twist...and some help from sufjan stevens, a gospal choir, a brass ensemble and steel guitar....aaaaaamen to that.
released yesterday and available here. {and emusic if youre signed up}

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


so busy with 30th birthday celebrations, cake baking, present making, watching of newly installed cable tv...i keep forgetting to blog. im starting to panic now because 'christmas drink' fortnight has begun...which basically means i am doing that every night between now and the 23rd...i can feel my liver twinging in objection already...gulp.

just been to see the ukulele orchestra of great britain... it has inspired me to invest in a better {actually tunable} ukulele and resurrect my new years resolution of last year...to learn to play it.

Monday, 8 December 2008

vintage heaven...

for anyone like who likes to dress up...you'll find some amazing frocks on this site.
this one would make a stunning wedding dress. for something a bit cheaper there is a fantastic quarterly vintage clothes fair at battersea art centre which I went to last week. i picked up a beautiful 1940's tea dress for £50, it was an aladdin's cave for vintage clothes lovers like me. the next one is on the 19th jan... and i for one am there.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

to christmas shop....

or to not christmas shop? that is the question....there are never ending special offers out there designed to lure us back onto the high street...but im still not feeling the pull... in fact you'd pretty much have to drag me kicking and screaming. the high street has become so samey and bland im just not interested { I know whats happened to me??} and I cant imagine id find anything out there that id want to actually give anyone.

im not planning on being a total scrooge... I just want to give more thoughtful gifts these days. im thinking home made, hand made and second hand and Internet sourced this christmas...who could fail to be delighted with an ebay treasure such as this or some affordable art or anything from supernice ...or unique personalised tee like this one from half a conversation? or a custim made i heart * insert name here* tee from here

see.... thats pretty much got my family covered already and no need to even leave the house.

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