Wednesday, 3 December 2008

to christmas shop....

or to not christmas shop? that is the question....there are never ending special offers out there designed to lure us back onto the high street...but im still not feeling the pull... in fact you'd pretty much have to drag me kicking and screaming. the high street has become so samey and bland im just not interested { I know whats happened to me??} and I cant imagine id find anything out there that id want to actually give anyone.

im not planning on being a total scrooge... I just want to give more thoughtful gifts these days. im thinking home made, hand made and second hand and Internet sourced this christmas...who could fail to be delighted with an ebay treasure such as this or some affordable art or anything from supernice ...or unique personalised tee like this one from half a conversation? or a custim made i heart * insert name here* tee from here

see.... thats pretty much got my family covered already and no need to even leave the house.

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