Saturday, 3 January 2009

belated happy new year hugs all around!

that was a good one and this will be better one i can just tell.

resolutions for 2009

1. write thank you notes.
2. be brave (er)
3. quit drunk smoking
4. buy things that i love and not just because theyre a bargain.
5. start making regular artwork again and post on this blog for public scrutiny {...go on be brave}
 6. change my career for something more meaningful/ interesting. 
7. have a whirlwind romance with a paul newman look alike { resulting in 50 years of marriage}
8. buy polaroid film before it all runs out.
9. spring clean {and not just in spring}
10. visit mrs b
11. eat cheese in moderation
12. drink in moderation { so that increasingly bad hangovers don't ruin the weekends}
13. smarten up my act, dress like a grown up { eg stop cutting my own hair, wear make up, have manicures, wear skirts and matching underwear}
14. rent a villa in greece with friends in the summer.
15. sell something i've made
16. learn how to make a website.
17. get up earlier at the weekends in order to catch good phototaking light.
18. DO IT... dont just talk about doing it.

I know 18 a pretty tall order but I will be happy if i manage even a few of these.

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