Thursday, 8 January 2009

minus 9

its a slow start to the year here, i know, but its reached minus 9 here at night its freezing! all i can do is scurry home at the end of the day eat soup, make a hot water bottle and climb under 2 duvets wearing all my clothes (I mean all the clothes i own at once) plus a woolly hat.
i really really hate january...there i said it! sorry i know its a negative note on which to start the year but its true. its all darkness and coldness and abstinence ( from alcohol and cheese) and pale blotchy skin, cracked lips and post christmas poverty. today i woke up, watched the news about rising unemployment, the rapidly multiplying rat population in london and the never ending cold snap...and i thought to myself thank god i'm going to be on a beach in thailand in less than a month. :-)

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