Thursday, 26 February 2009

reasons youre a cool brother.....

because you take me for lunch when im feeling blue, because you make delicious slow cooked roasts and noodle soups, because you put such and effort into fancy dressing and have no shame. because you treasure old objects and furniture, because you will and do talk to anyone and everyone fearlessly. because you bring the train picnics, because you get sentimental and well up and thats sweet. because you love seeing the world especially through a lens like me, because you used to take the wrap for my crimes when we were little { frankly you had no choice, you couldnt really talk to defend yourself} because you can do fancy tricks on your bike, jump out of planes and juggle and stuff, because you were born adventurous. because you used to peel chewing gum off the pavement and share it with the other kids.  because you listen to me {sometimes} because you like to spin me around the dance floor, because of your cunning plans and scams, because we can talk the night away over many glasses of wine, because you see the funny side of things, because you fix my bike, because you make us late making sure that the bloody mary mix is perfect...and it is, because you insist on taking all that heavy equipment and you are right... we do need it, because you dont get pissed off that I miss your birthday ....happy belated brithday tys.

Monday, 23 February 2009

I love cherry blossom....

you must watch it, a truly poignant tale of loss, grief and unlikely prepared to weep, smile and gaze in wonderment at the stunning cinematography....i want to get on a plane bound for tokyo immediately....or maybe just paint my face white and dance around in a kimono with a pink phone.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

some beautiful work you have there

this is how i'd like to think i approach photography.
im on holiday in thailand at the moment. contemplating the rest of my life...formulating a plan....i think i finally have one.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

old polaroids...

i forgot to post this the other day after visiting my amazing grandma...mrs b.  
the bottom pic is me and her...many many moons ago. if i end up even half as cool as her i will be a happy granny.

hotter climates...

i'm going to be in thailand in 2 weeks so although its snowing outside i'm picturing my self in this sort of get up....sorry i'll shup up now :-)

what do you reckon?.....

today  my department was told that of the 7 members of staff, 2 had to go.  there is a small cash incentive to take one for the team ( well not so very small)... every inch of my heart is telling me to go for it. this is what i have wanted for ages, this could be just what i have been praying for, a kick up the arse  to  move outside my comfort zone and start doing something with my life that i actually believe in...there must be something else out there i could do dont you think?..the world is my oyster! tiny little brain is telling me maybe i should be safe and stick with it...what do you think?  i would really appreciate your thoughts.

what a chump.

christian bale had a shitfit at a runner on the set of his latest film....i mean he really lost the plot at this poor bloke. what i love is that someone recorded him being a total dick...and then remixed it for our entertainment...enjoy! x

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

it snowed BIG time!

this last happened 18years ago in london so as you can imagine we have all been very over excited! i woke on monday morning to an eerie silence,  peeked out the window and could barely see for the flurry of marshmallow sized snow flakes silently falling on a good 5 inches of perfect untouched snow. needless to say london ground to a halt not having the snow busting facilities in place to keep a city in working order. this left most people no option but to stay at home...or rush to the nearest park to build snowmen.... sadly i made the trek into work but not before a good few hours of snow worshipping.

Monday, 2 February 2009

its snowing out there....

and we are very excited about that!

the best song to....

dance around the kitchen to , singing into a wooden spoon.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

this is hilarious...

mustard richard. MUSTARD. apparently sir richard has personally invited  him to join the tasting board for virgin airline. 
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