Thursday, 5 March 2009


i've had dance on the brain this week after a conversation with lottie who is working on a project based on the the mysterious dancing plague of 1518 . this strange event took place in strasbourg where one by one, for reasons that cant really be explained,  the victims began dancing uncontrollably and were unable to stop, eventually they collapsed and died of heart attacks or exhaustion! death by dancing!!
dont get me wrong  there is pretty much nothing better than losing yourself in music... so i suppose if youre gonna to go.... why not let it be in a state of exhausted euphoria? {to hell with the blisters and the cardiovascular strain} but im guessing the victims of 1518 did it without music...have you ever been to a silent disco and taken your head set off?  thats the surreal scene im imagining.
i have always favoured watching people express themselves through dance rather hearing them speak on stage. theatre has a tendency to make me feel uncomfortable  dance and music on the other hand transport me.   
so anyway lottie asked for my input .....i got completely sidetracked in my research and instead I've spent hours on youtube watching old favourites which are brilliant although fairly far from what she had in mind im quite sure!
 anyway for those who need convincing, here is some excellent dance for your enjoyment.

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