Tuesday, 24 March 2009


this is the first day of the rest of my life. the sun is out the sky is clear.  today i begin writing lists. writing lists and making phone calls.  putting some shape to the plans that have been floating around my head.

im chuffed to bits that i have been given a way out, a new way forward.
 if nothing else the past 7 years have taught me how important it is that i believe in what i do for a living  {which i didnt really for years} 
focus was never my forte when i was younger and when you cant see where you're going its easy to fall into the wrong job.

i know what i like and what im good at now.  the good thing is that life seems to happen  in chapters and as one closes a new one opens and presents you with new opportunities. 

  i made a promise to myself in my early 20's {which seemed increasingly implausible as time passed and i got further up that wrong career ladder and acquired a mortgage along the way} that aged 30, id get out and see some more of the world.

 now that im there, i find myself in a situation as if by magic, with no ties and a bit of money. it feels to me like this is fate beckoning. remember resolutions no.2 and 18? i have a list of places i want to visit and this may be my last chance to just take off! 
so for now, while the economy is on its knees, im putting my future in england on hold and following the other dream.
 yes it will break my heart to leave the friends and family here but im not done with adventure yet, i need to shake things up a bit before i finally let them settle.
 I have applied to do a gruelling intensive english teaching course {gulp} and if all goes to plan, i'll head to japan first and then south america.  its all a bit scary,  i have so much to do but it all feels very doable... and very exciting.

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