Thursday, 12 March 2009

square america.

  its an addiction for me.  for as long as i can remember i have been drawn to old photos. trips to see both sets of grandparents throughout my life typically consisted of me arriving, muttering a few words of greeting over my shoulder as i headed to the beloved box of old  family photos ( in both cases they were dusty jumbled boxes, not albums which i kind of love)
 i would shuffle through them handful at a time, inhaling their sweet musty smell , studying every silvery frozen gaze, every outfit, haircut, expression. turning them over trying the make out the unfamiliar old fashioned names.   i would spread them out all over the floor and play a  kind of memory game, matching faces from one photo to another in their different guises and different ages. trying to spot siblings, spouses, parents, grandparents. i learnt a lot about our family that way, by studying the faces of my relatives past and present, piecing together the history, frozen moment at a time. 
a visit to square America is the online equivalent to this ritual. a current favourite collection is

incidentally the last photo posted looks exactly like my friend kaito.... its spooky man!

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