Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I watched the big blue at the weekend. this was one of my favourites as a teenager and id forgotton why until about 20 mins in when this GOD came onto my screen. ( its jean marc barr circa 1988.) I still have no idea what really happens... i was too busy drooling, completely transfixed by this beautiful face for the entire film. now i know why i used to watch it over and over as a teenager and could never remember what it was about....something about the sea....and there's a dolphin involved. and a man who is so sensitive he communicates with sea mamels and cries a couple of times. and even falls in love with the rodent like rosanna arquette (harsh but true) aw!.... just watch it. if you are female you have a duty to yourself. (i mean he's a classically trained actor...its an exceptional performance)

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