Thursday, 27 August 2009


last weekend we had a blissful if exhausting time at green man festival. this this the 5th time ive been and this is the sunniest i've ever seen it. it was glorious, im feeling very grateful that although its been a stinker of a summer, the sun has shown his face at all the right times. (my sincerest thanks for that mr shine.)
this was green man 2009...
the SUN in my face, a superb base camp with our lovely gang of revellers, the enormous tent with the cosiest sleeping den, friday night glitterstorm...( and amusing glitter accident) chai wallahs dancing, balloons and more balloons and laughing making new friends and meeting up with old friends, the camp fire accordion rave, jason's mr tumnus, the chocolate wrong and brandy chai. saturday night epic adventure, and the strange morning of nonsense talking that ensued.
grizzly bear, stornoway,vetiver,bon iver, the phantom band, peter broderick, the dirty three and many more brilliant bands whose names this over excited, happy, cider filled girl managed to miss.

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