Friday, 14 August 2009


we went to a lovely wedding last weekend. it was in an accentric old country house in wales which had been turned into a hotel in the 70's and still had the decor to prove it. and guess what...the sun shone! it was made the luscious green landscape glow in a spectacular way ( spot the girl who's been starved of sunshine) and made for a magical wedding day. for cath and jamie's wedding present we gave them the moon...well a moon, one we made and we set up a make shift photo booth under a big tree for all the guests. i got the idea from these brilliant old studio photos...i think they worked pretty well! they look best as a set.

.....all you need is a 3ft by 4ft piece of mdf...a man who is nifty with a jigsaw (thanku luke) some string, a pencil, paint, paper, black sheets and some rope ....hey presto you have a moonbooth.

...and the rest...

i have been busy. i have moved out of my flat and rented the room, it has been sad and heart wrenching in some ways but exciting and new lifey in others. i'm taking small pigeon steps towards 'the plan' and as small as they may be i feel good about the fact that im moving... and moving towards japan or possibly brazil now it seems :-)
... so anyway trying to condense my life into the contents of my (too) lovely ( for words) friends' spare room has been quite hard, i never realised how much crap i had. all this stuff! do i really need it all? i just feel like stripping back to the essentials, making a big ceremonial bonfire and being done with it all.
...but then this stuff is my history and its things i thought i needed at some point and i spent hard earned cash on it didnt i? wouldn't culling all my worldly possessions be incredibly wasteful? it would wouldnt it?? I think its just going to have to go into several big boxes and live in mum and dads attic, gather some more dust until i realise i havent thought about any of it for years and i can build that bonfire.

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