Wednesday, 30 September 2009

brilliant brilliant brilliant...moving pictures square america.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

i reeeeeally like the drums on this track, made by 2 drummers no less. this is one of those real motivators, you know a pre going out/cleaning the house song ( I usually rely on 'go your own way' by fleetwood mac for required energy boosts)
it was released in may but went under my radar at the time. judging by the slick, big record company money video, they're totally famous and in the charts and everything. i'm just slow on the uptake....too busy listening to men with bushy beards and falsetto voices i guess.

Friday, 18 September 2009

there is this illustrator called nick white. he has the best website ---> look.


september songs. and happiness-al green
2.wonderful world-sam cooke
3.leaves do fall-rosebuds is the drug-roxy music
5.lover-devendra banhart in the field-plants and animals
7.123 goodbye- elvis perkins in dearland
8.ramblin man-lsobel capbell and mark lenegan
9.L.E.S artistes -lilly wood and the pricks
10.i wish i were- martha wainwright
11.dents-the acorn
12.there's a light-shirley ann lee the stars, to the night-le loup
14.people has it hard-coleman family
15.hands remember- seabear
16.lucky you- the national
17.up on a mountain-the welcome wagon
18.can i sleep in your arms-phosphorescent

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

kelley smith via booooooom


yesterday you turned 60. i wish i had the words to write you a fitting tribute... if i could find those words they would be tremendous. they would stand 10 metres high, twinkling and glowing in the dark, on the top of a hill for all to see like a beacon for miles around. oxox


well there was no need for puking in the end, we went!!. onders and i decided we just couldnt miss out on one last sunny weekend in a field, so we jumped in the car and drove to llama tree gardens in dorset. we arrived in the late afternoon to a sun drenched site with peacocks roaming and cider flowing, in time to see the broken family band, the acorn, alaina diane, okkervil river and the fleet foxes...we were lucky enough to bump into lots of lovely people we know. we went to a birthday tea party on a double decker bus, played human hoopla, danced at the forest disco, saw a potty mouthed man in a gold cat suit and motorcycle helmet sing the blues, jived with a french man, started a campfire revolution, got incredibly lost on the way back to the tent ( that was me on my own i cannot lie) yes it was a pretty standard 24hours at a festival really. f***ing magic as always. now i cant leave england a happy girl. *grin*

Saturday, 12 September 2009

I made the mistake....

of swinging by topshop on my way home. (a place i have strategically avoided since becoming an impoverished teacher) ...bad idea. now i really really want about 10 things badly. things i didnt even know existed yesterday and now i feel my life will not be complete this absolutely gorgeous sequin jacket that i'd probably never wear, its not exactly the classroom look... its not practical i know... but i love it.


today one of my russian students bought in a bottle of vodka to celebrate his birthday. he asked if it was ok to share it with the class ( i tried not to look excited and to retain an air professionality) so i said i'd think about it...and i did think about it, for about one second and then said YE-ES... so celebrate we did... russian style with shots of straight vodka and conichons... it was brilliant! i've never heard the class talk so enthusiastically ... way-hey im thinking a friday tradition in the making!?

the yellow bird project

the indie rock colouring in book from the yellow bird project - i like.

form of torture

i was offered last minute tickets to bestival and end of the road, which is yaaaay but then booooo. i cant take any more time off after being sick ( and therefore not paid) last week.
i'm so resentful i have to spend the weekend in london when there is still fun to be had in a field...i could puke!!!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

yesterday i saw a dove on my way home from work...well it might have been an albino pigeon (which is still pretty amazing) but i like to think it was a dove.
it appeared just as i looked up to admire a front garden full of sunflowers, which made it look kind of like a divine message...i mean you dont see doves or sunflowers very often in brixton.
what do you reckon, a message from the heavens?

...or a wedding escapee?

Friday, 4 September 2009

i want.

but im saving up.


it happens to a lot of people in their late 20's.... suddenly something alters in you and what was good enough in your 20's, suddenly isn't as 30 approaches. you reach a crossroad and you have to ask yourself; is this what i see myself doing for the next 30 years?
i had my career upheaval this year. i was sitting at my computer one day and i started thinking about how much of my time i spent at work and what my job actually meant to that point i realised i was using about 0.5% of the 10% of brain we actually use, doing something that was 0% creative and that i enjoyed about 5% of the time. i was quite horrified when i worked out that 50% of my waking hours were spent thus occupied and although i was getting up and going into work every day, i was in fact a waster...a big fat life waster.

i felt no pride for what i was doing, i wasn't learning anything and i was hemorrhaging precious years of my life away ahhhhhh!!....and what for? for some free clothes and the occasional business trip (which i'll admit used to seem pretty sexy) but at some point i had grown up, and the goal posts apparently had moved.

that was my eureka moment.
its not an easy decision to break away from something you've invested a lot of time in...its a bit like ending a relationship. you are full of doubts even if you know whole heartedly that its wrong one for you; can you live without all those things you're so accustomed to? will you ever be good at anything else? how will you cope starting again from scratch?
its actually not a bad analogy....ending a job/relationship before the next one is lined up is terrifying (and some would say a bit stupid.) but of course you have to follow your heart.
removing yourself from your comfort zone, yes its hard... but i think the only way you will ever feel real achievement is if you've done something that you consider difficult or impressive.
happily i can report that while i'm not yet doing that job of my dreams i'm 50% closer to it than i was a year ago and im still moving.

ooops...o god.... i didnt mean for this to turn into a sermon! i was inspired after reading the HDYGTFAJ articles over on readymade magazine. ( how did you get that f***ing amazing job)
they've left me feeling the world is full of endless possibilities.


over and out.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

more of that there sunlight

i just cant get enough of this type of photography, ( beautifully executed by guy aroch) you know the in between time. those moments in the long shadowed evenings, at the end of a sunny day, are when im at my most content... im not feeling too chirpy about the decidedly autumnal wiff in the air this week.

Summer always feels endless until it suddenly ends...September is the Mondays of Months.

Jeff Scher, in “Summer Retreat” for New York Times’ The Animated Life blog (via britticisms
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