Wednesday, 16 September 2009


well there was no need for puking in the end, we went!!. onders and i decided we just couldnt miss out on one last sunny weekend in a field, so we jumped in the car and drove to llama tree gardens in dorset. we arrived in the late afternoon to a sun drenched site with peacocks roaming and cider flowing, in time to see the broken family band, the acorn, alaina diane, okkervil river and the fleet foxes...we were lucky enough to bump into lots of lovely people we know. we went to a birthday tea party on a double decker bus, played human hoopla, danced at the forest disco, saw a potty mouthed man in a gold cat suit and motorcycle helmet sing the blues, jived with a french man, started a campfire revolution, got incredibly lost on the way back to the tent ( that was me on my own i cannot lie) yes it was a pretty standard 24hours at a festival really. f***ing magic as always. now i cant leave england a happy girl. *grin*

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