Friday, 4 September 2009


it happens to a lot of people in their late 20's.... suddenly something alters in you and what was good enough in your 20's, suddenly isn't as 30 approaches. you reach a crossroad and you have to ask yourself; is this what i see myself doing for the next 30 years?
i had my career upheaval this year. i was sitting at my computer one day and i started thinking about how much of my time i spent at work and what my job actually meant to that point i realised i was using about 0.5% of the 10% of brain we actually use, doing something that was 0% creative and that i enjoyed about 5% of the time. i was quite horrified when i worked out that 50% of my waking hours were spent thus occupied and although i was getting up and going into work every day, i was in fact a waster...a big fat life waster.

i felt no pride for what i was doing, i wasn't learning anything and i was hemorrhaging precious years of my life away ahhhhhh!!....and what for? for some free clothes and the occasional business trip (which i'll admit used to seem pretty sexy) but at some point i had grown up, and the goal posts apparently had moved.

that was my eureka moment.
its not an easy decision to break away from something you've invested a lot of time in...its a bit like ending a relationship. you are full of doubts even if you know whole heartedly that its wrong one for you; can you live without all those things you're so accustomed to? will you ever be good at anything else? how will you cope starting again from scratch?
its actually not a bad analogy....ending a job/relationship before the next one is lined up is terrifying (and some would say a bit stupid.) but of course you have to follow your heart.
removing yourself from your comfort zone, yes its hard... but i think the only way you will ever feel real achievement is if you've done something that you consider difficult or impressive.
happily i can report that while i'm not yet doing that job of my dreams i'm 50% closer to it than i was a year ago and im still moving.

ooops...o god.... i didnt mean for this to turn into a sermon! i was inspired after reading the HDYGTFAJ articles over on readymade magazine. ( how did you get that f***ing amazing job)
they've left me feeling the world is full of endless possibilities.


over and out.

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