Friday, 18 September 2009

september songs. and happiness-al green
2.wonderful world-sam cooke
3.leaves do fall-rosebuds is the drug-roxy music
5.lover-devendra banhart in the field-plants and animals
7.123 goodbye- elvis perkins in dearland
8.ramblin man-lsobel capbell and mark lenegan
9.L.E.S artistes -lilly wood and the pricks
10.i wish i were- martha wainwright
11.dents-the acorn
12.there's a light-shirley ann lee the stars, to the night-le loup
14.people has it hard-coleman family
15.hands remember- seabear
16.lucky you- the national
17.up on a mountain-the welcome wagon
18.can i sleep in your arms-phosphorescent

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