Wednesday, 28 October 2009

25 observations..

about japan of course...
1.apples ( or ringo as they are called) here are about 4 x the size of ours. and pears are round, not pear shaped at all. have to take your shoes off when you enter peoples houses. one drops litter.
4.about 1/4 of the population at any one time wears an anti germs mask...the kind people were sporting in mexico during the swine flu pandemic.
5.everyone has a charm hanging off their mobile . yes really, men too.
6.people form an orderly queue to get on the train.
7.cats meows sound different ( japanese accent?)
8.every 7eleven or conbini sells this rank smelling dubious brew.
9.people ride very cool colourful, shiny bikes with baskets...on the pavement.
10.everyone waits for the green man to cross the road, even if there isn't a car in sight.
11.traffic lights are horizontal.
12.devils tongue is not the tongue of the horny man himself ( although this took a lot of convincing on my part when given this translation) its in fact a jelly-like potato derived edible with a consistency not unlike mastic. it can be found in the afore mentioned 7eleven tank of brew.
13.people e mail each others mobiles instead of texting.
14.there is a musical accompaniment to everything eg. going to the toilet, getting off the train,crossing the road and 4.30pm (yep every day on the dot)
15.there are buttons next to the toilet with functions such as; bidet, flush sound, music, blow dry, bottom squirt, squirt for ladies....all of which act as a kind of noisy fanfare to the other w/c occupants...i mean if you want the world to know exactly which stage you're at, thats the way to do it!
16.they have alcoholic coke.
17.dried squid is a favorite snako
18.everyone bows to everyone a lot.
19.the street lights are not very bright.
20.everyone nods off on the train... chins on chests, heads bobbing like a row of sleepy nodding dogs.
21. 80% of women are very beautiful.
22.instead of pesky seagulls stealing your sandwiches at the sea side, they have pesky kites ( and they're absolutely massive!) can buy armpit sanitary towels!
24.there are vending machines absolutely everywhere which sell everything from cans of beer to toothbrushes.
25. when you go to the supermarket the cashier removes and beeps the contents of your basket ( so far so normal...) then carefully replaces all purchases back into the basket, she wont give you a bag until she's finished reloading, you then have to carry it to a separate packing station take it all out and bag it up yourself. (weird!)

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