Monday, 26 October 2009

like a stunned koi.

today my laptop and i have not left heidi's house. i've finished job applications and phone interviews for the day. i've had 2 weeks to let my thoughts settle, so felt it was time for a long overdue blog update the weather outside is horrendous today, so no need to feel guilty that im cooped up writing this instead of exploring.

its true i have been a woefully bad blogger of late... my only defense is that there has been a hell of a lot going on in the past couple of weeks. what with parting and birthday doos and emotional farewells and long haul flights and jet lag and contact making and feet finding. i feel a bit like ive been in one of those rocket simulators, rocking around, bombarded with high frequency images and sounds on 24/7...with my eye lids superglued open. its taking a while for all that i am experiencing to sink in and to gather the words to speak about it.

new country, new people, new language, new food, new home, new friends, new job, new normal... new everything...its been amazing but i'm positively reeling from all the newness. information overload has left me rather dumbstruck.

everyone i've met thus far has gone out of their way to help me. whether it be stopping to direct me in the street, meeting for drinks and reassuring chats, spreading the word about my job hunting, passing on cv's, introducing me to their friends or putting me up in their homes and being altogether wonderful, friendly souls with whom i can have a beer and a laugh ( heidi moment, i owe you the moon). everyone has made my move here a lot easier than it could have been... the kindness really has bowled me over. i am ever-so grateful for it, that i am :-)

well now that i've squeezed out a few words out i've run dry again, so for now i'll let the images to the talking...
this is a mere fraction of what these eyes have seen. i hope you enjoy! xoxo e

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