Tuesday, 1 December 2009

vent vent veeeeeent.

i have noticed that there is a particularly unpleasant variety of western man residing in japan. they are here for one reason and only reason only. the women.
japanese women not only seem to have a white cane and dark glasses when it comes to these guys, they accept their open promiscuity, lack of respect, general bad behaviour and worship them like gods!
its not so much that i care about the undeserved attention and status these idiots get. its just what they choose to do with it. they get away with murder...just because they can.
sadly the word has spread globally, so uncharming men flock here in their droves knowing they'll get laid, which for many of them must be a first.

this article in the japan times made me laugh. in talks about the cartoon character charisma man; a charmless, uncharismatic dweeb who comes to japan and undergoes a supernatural transformation into the handsome, witty, charisma man. his arch nemesis is the gaijin girl who sees through the newly acquired superpowers to the loser he truely is.
p.s if any of my nice gaijin friends are reading this...im not talking about you oviously.


Adrian Hughes said...

I'm definitely coming over now!

Elle said...

Im just bitter im not a man!!

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