Tuesday, 17 November 2009

it was a weekend of meeting new people ( and re-meeting people too ). yes, its been an entire month of meeting new people thats true, in ebbs and flows but this weekend was most definitely a flow. we had a great time and i had several of those moments you hold out for when you're away from the people you love. those moments that remind you why you are doing what you're doing. you become a different person when removed from your natural habitat. you're pro active, you follow leads, you take chances. you meet people who you wouldn't normally. granted that this is not 100% a good thing. on more than one occasion since i arrived i have entertained the thought they wouldn't let you back even if you wanted to go home. ex pats can be an exceptionally strange bunch of people and Japan is dominated by the male variety, many of whom seem too have an entirely different motivation for being here to me. this weekend however, nothing but very enjoyable company and lots of beer, a winning combo. connecting with good folk is such fun.

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Hence72 said...

pleased to meet you

great work

come pay a visit some time

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