Tuesday, 24 November 2009

not one but three wedding dresses!

the location was a wedding hotel which wasn't so such a hotel as a huge rent-by-the-hour chapel and function room. there were lots of weddings happening simultaneously. this got a little confusing at times when they all spilled out into the lobby at once. the ceremony was conducted mainly in english, by a bogus catholic priest ( /bald hawian surfer) who spoke about the majesty of marriage and the beginning of new eras. i detected an awkwardness to the whole thing which reached a climax at the wedding kiss, when the goom gave the bride a hesitant peck on the cheek as though she were a whiskery great aunt!

cultural differences can be so confusing. was i witnessing that famous japanese reserve?
i've been told that japanese people don't do public affection... or was this simply a couple who weren't that into what they were doing?

...at this point someone whispered to me that kiyo and yoko have in fact been married for 5 years already, and this was all a show for the benefit of demanding relatives!

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