Monday, 9 November 2009

things...some good, some not so good.

i am head over heals for this new lens.

heidi has a new job, yay!

i have some more part time work, hooray!

its still hot here, like summer during the day ( summer flowers still in bloom)

karaoke is brilliant and its everywhere!

i'm addicted to true blood (latest hbo tv crack.)
...which has lead me to watch twilight... and i have to admit, the 15 year old romantic that still lives in me sort of loved it.
now i have crushes on vampires. ( i'm 31)

i've had a fever all weekend which has blossomed into a full on snot fest. i feel vile.

i'm teaching kids for 3 hours tomorrow and i have an interview on thursday.

a man caught up with me on the way home on friday and before i knew what was going on, thrust a very full wallet into my hand and requested (by wild gesticulation and key words) that i give him a.....i'm sure you can guess *shudder*... my eyes nearly popped out of my head in disbelief as i hurriedly gave it back, spluttered NO and walked speedily away (imagining my protective vampire boyfriend, swooping in on the scene behind me to defend my honor)
... i wish i'd karate chopped him in the head and done a runner with his wallet.

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