Friday, 20 November 2009

we took a trip....

some friends of heidi's are on holiday in japan ( the good folk from the last post). they came to visit us this week so we went on a sightseeing trip to the historical town of kamakura. its only a few stops on the train, i've been meaning to go for weeks but was holding out for good weather and company. its a beautiful serene place, dotted with temples and lakes. we wandered from one to another under a firey canopy of maple leaves with that low autumnal sun, the smell of wood smoke and the distant sound of chanting monks. it was a welcome change from the unrelenting razzle-dazzle of the city.

a stones throw away from kamakura a hotel overlooking the sea is to be the setting of a wedding i've been asked to shoot on sunday....gulp!!
while I'm incredibly flattered, and excited, i'll admit to being more that a tad nervous about it, not to mention surprised that anyone would charge me with such an important task!!
i just hope its a sunny day with lots of good natural light and beautiful subjects! i've no idea what to expect from a western style japanese wedding. all i know is that they love their ceremony here in japan, so i imagine they'll be lots of that. and lots of speeches that i dont understand...and probably lots of bowing.
i've heard that another friend of the couple has also been put on photo and film duty, which is a bit of a relief... at least i'm sharing the huge honor (/scary responsibility).
it will be my first wedding as official photographer ( a bit of a day dream come true for me)...wish me luck!


susibee said...

good to hear you sounding positive - with lots of love from your auntie susan and grandma bee bee xxx

Elle said...

thanks for reading! every day is exciting and scary. Im being braver than I've ever been. experiencing new things on a daily basis is brilliant...miss friends and family like crazy though. love to you both xxxx

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