Sunday, 1 November 2009

yesterday my new friend joe showed me around town, or around some parts of town i had yet to discover (ok pretty much most of it). he had mentioned to me the day before that there was a big secondhand/flea market type place a couple of miles out from the centre so naturally, being the junk junkie that i am, i insisted that he take me there at once.
when we arrived... i thought i'd died and gone to jumble heaven.
hard off, as its called,(que hard-on jokes) turned out to be an enormous warehouse stacked to the ceiling with carefully organised bric-a-brac and second hand clothes. they had a section for everything from camera lenses to snowboards to musical instruments and anything you could possibly imagine in between... and guess what...everything was really really cheap! at last! hallelujah!
i scurried up and down the aisles in an excited frenzy, gathering arm fulls of things i knew i couldn't really buy at least until i have my own place. in the end i exercised extreme self control and only came away with a couple of 200 yen ( £1.30) vintage dresses. woo-hoo.
... but good lord am i going back there! thanks joe!

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