Monday, 14 December 2009

i do not start my full time job until mid january. at the moment i teach for approx 10 hours a week which earns me £200 cash.
i'm not ashamed to say i have settled into my part time, wintery, hibernation routine. when its cold out side my inclination is to spend all day and night inside, under a blanket with comfort food and laptop.
i wake up , make coffee, banana pancakes or toast. check e mails, face book and blogs. listen to 6 music or radio 4. if its a sunny day i go for a wander take photos and run errands. i plan lessons and then watch a film. i realise this sounds very indulgent but it will only last for another few weeks so im enjoying it while i can.

in the absence of tv, i have watched so many films in the past few weeks that new releases simply cant keep up with me. i've been forced to return to old eighties favorites, paul newman classics and even trashy chick flicks that i was too embarrassed to go and see at the cinema.
a few recent note-worthy viewings are; veronika decides to die with sarah michelle geller playing a suicidal career woman surprisingly well. teenage dirtbag ( dont be put off by the name) its a heartbreaking tale of social snobbery and love unrealised, with an explosive performance from scott michael foster as the tormented and strangely appealing teenage love (dis) interest. ang lee's taking woodstock, which i found hilarious, as would any devoted festival goer. it made me wish a had a time machine so i could join in the fun of the summer of also made me miss summer madly. fish tank, gritty realism at its shocking best.

if anyone has any suggestions for must-see films let me know... i have a ferocious apatite that needs feeding!

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ChcltBrcn said...

Revolutionary Road and Changeling - top films of 2008 for me!

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