Wednesday, 23 December 2009

new home...

finally, just in time for christmas i have moved into my new flat over the road from heidi. i can't deny i felt a pang of regret to be leaving her sofa. its been a brilliant couple of months, we've had a lot of fun and i've been so grateful for her companionship. living out of a suitcase however stopped being fun about 7 weeks ago and heidi's brother is now visiting from oz so its time to move on and make space for him.
ive been in my element for the past couple of days unpacking, arranging furniture, putting up pictures, doing runs to the 100y shop. i do love nesting.
something i do not love is the kerocene heater which is the only source of heat in the flat. not only does it stink it requires constant topping up (a very messy business) and forward have to actually think about stocking up on keroscene otherwise you run out at 10pm and freeze you toes off all night. plus it cuts out every 5 minutes, makes annoying beeping noises and spews out black stinking fumes. no, i can tell you now, this heater and i are not going to be friends.

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