Sunday, 27 December 2009

a retro merry christmas to you!

heidi, ben and i had a lovely day. we made it as christmassy as we could with the somewhat limited resources available in japan.
we opened our stockings and listened to the snowman on youtube. then we looked up recipes and set about cooking our designated dishes ( using one gas ring and a borrowed microwave!)
later on we bagged up 15 portions of stuffing, pigs in blankets, sweet potato mash and a sack load of secret santa pressies and hauled them over to our friend luc's place. between us we managed to make something that resembled a chrismas dinner, albeit a little on the cold side, and eaten off our knees, i was proud of us none the less.
then we distributed secret santa gifts and played with our new toys until most of them broke! then commenced a mammoth game of team trivial pursuit and charades (because in my world christmas would not be christmas without the team games)
we had a hoot, although the absence of 1 or 2 things meant it wasnt the chrismassiest christmas of all time.
...such as ovens for instance. they an important factor,without them the christmas meal is quite a chore believe me.
real christmas trees, another. for the smell if nothing else. i have truly missed the smell of pine this festive season.
a day off for everyone. i enjoy that eerie silence on christmas day when everything grinds to a halt, dont you?
morning choral concerts on the radio , accompanied by the sound of popping corks, glasses chinking, christmas pudding bubbling on the hob.
also....a dining table we all fit around. christmas crackers and jokes and paper crowns!
the real biggie of course... my family and friends. no amount of stuffing or pigs in blankets could make a true christmas with out them. they were in my thoughts all day long.

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