Tuesday, 8 December 2009

its been a weekend defined by a christmassy feeling. wine drinking and drunk skype calls to loved ones brought on by a christmassy feeling. at least with the 9 hour time difference you know youre not waking anyone up when you opt for a 4 am drunken dial :-) it was so nice to talk to everyone! i must have said i love you and i miss you a ga-zillion times.

other newsworthy events. i heard my first live music in about 8 weeks. i have been missing it so.
our friend remmy is one half of the sneaky russians, they did an acoustic set at my favorite local bar here in fujisawa, free culture. it was brill. i got very overexcited drank a great deal of red wine and sang and danced into monday morning....ahhhh the luxury of not having early starts.
we have also solved the problem of christmas dinner and how to cook it without an oven. our friend has hired out free culture and is putting on a christmas feast with all the trimmings so there is no need for us to cook at all!
i dont usually get swept along with the xmas fever but now that were in a place that doesnt celebrate it i feel the need to make more of a fuss... sound the horn for christmas. i found my self listening to bing crosby, drinking mulled wine and making decorations on saturday, whats that all about eh??

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