Monday, 4 January 2010

happy new year to you.

what a year it was for me! so much has changed. new job, new home, new country, new friends and maybe most importantly new brave!
i wrote myself a list of resolutions last year. it was a long list and some of the things on it were never going to be easy. some of them, quite frankly, were never going to happen... but im ok with that because i really did stick to the most important ones and changed the course of my life in a very good way.

it hasn't been without its challanges but all in all, it's has been a great year, thanks to the friendships and the kindness, love and support i've been shown wonderful people make my world go round.

i'm still in holiday mode at the moment. staying up late, getting up late and thoroughly over indulging in every way. on wednesday life goes back to normal so i'm postponing my resolutions for 2010 until then. some of them will be roll overs from last year...some will be completely new challenges, which i look forward to getting my teeth sunk into.

ps the butterflies are made from origami paper. my living room wall needed some colour.

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