Tuesday, 26 January 2010

the little things that are keeping the blehs at bay...

like coming home to find these in my letter box. ( the work of lovely ms moment i suspect.)

1. hand warmers. they give you these little hot sachets that you shake to activate then slip into your pockets as you leave a restaurant when its cold out. ( well that happened once anyway and it made me happy)

2. a bizarre looking item of womens underwear which  i have recently discovered is a tummy/back warmer. it looks like a pair of big bottomless knickers with a rectangular pocket in the front to hold a sachet warmer thingy (see above). soooo toasty! an amazing discovery for a cramp sufferer such as i...they work like  magic.

3.  dazzlingly sunny, clear winters days. ( also magic)

4. heated seats on the trains... so cosy. now i know why everyone nods off.

5. the view of a beautiful, snow-capped mount fuji against the flawless, blue sky, from one of those seats, on one of those days.

6. 24 hour bars and convenience shops....oh what fun ( although, yes dangerous for those who never know when its time to go to bed.)

7. 3D cinema.  actually amazing...who knew? who cares about the tedious story line and terrible script when you can don a pair of orbison-esque glasses and walk through the mystical forests of pandora!

8. the nice man at immigration who changed my visa status on the spot ( i was told it would be a week before i could fetch it) thanks mister sign-language-interpretation-man. youre the best.

9.  lunching with ladies. a ton of melt-in-the mouth tuna sashimi. i'm telling you, to stave off the winter sads, it cannot be beat. stuffing your face with next to zilch caloretic (is that a word?) intake. (p.s why do we ever cook fish??)

10. and saving the best til last....ondine is coming to stay!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-):-)

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