Thursday, 7 January 2010

new year, new list.

1. use my diary religiously so i don't forget what i need to do...and i know i can fit it all in.
2. bbq on the beach.
3. take more people portraits, wedding photos. create a new moon booth.
4. borrow a sewing machine, buy some knitting needles and make nice things for my house.
5. start a monthly creative coffee and cake morning (rollover, sort of)
6. sort out my teaching materials into some kind of order and find them a home.
7. write to my grandparents regularly.
8. drink less (rollover).
9.visit hokkaido, kyoto, okinawa.
10. rock out at a japanese music festival.
11. picnic with friends under a canopy of cherry blossom.
12. get bare-nekkid at an onsen.
13. start a language exchange... learn enough japanese to have a proper conversation.
14. hunt down junk furniture to make-over for my apartment
15. go kayaking.
16. pay off debts ( ok this one should really be at the top, i know)
17. collect japanese paper, fabric and postcards.
18. tell my friends and family as often as i can how much i love and appreciate them.
19. go on a japanese camping adventure
20. jog. (eh-hem!)
21. tidy up and redesign my blog.
22. learn to play a few cords on the guitar.
23. find and marry a banjo playing paul newman lookalike...with a beard (rollover)
24. start a secret project. ( dont tell anyone what is is incase i never get round to it)
25. make a japan movie.
phew-ee 25!! I know! thats even more than last year, but i reckon a few of these are in the bag so i'm confident i can make a decent sized dent in this list by next new year. good luck with your aims, hopes and dreams for 2010.

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