Saturday, 27 February 2010

hello...i miss you

 brown bread, good wine, wide open space, ovens, pies, olives, fresh herbs, antiperspirant deodorant, hair dye, road trips, pubs, live music, log fires, central heating, nice jewelry, rollies, kitchen tables, gardens, dinner parties, weekends, the volvo, talford fire pits, bacon, porridge, hummus, ebay, time out, winter TV,
news papers, cork screws...with arms. and you...yoou know who im talking about...mum, dad, tys, han, lot, onders, gracs, kate, adie, jase, matt, willy, roland, sal, ...and oh all of YOU lovely people. i MISS you!
( and summer, i miss you too)

ps ...i realised quickly i couldnt list you all. id be here all night.

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