Saturday, 13 February 2010

japanese chicks

they have the coolest hair.

so sleek. so shiny. the variety is astonishing too. curly, feathered, straight. blonde, red, every shade of brunette and even a startling  neon violet, popular with the over 70's ( japanese version of the lavender rinse).
 ive been feeling increasingly self conscious of my dry, unruly mop and mousy roots. everyone here is so well groomed... yesterday i decided it was time i joined their stylish ranks and got me some trendy hair... i mean what better place to have a hip hair makeover than japan, where everything is so painfully hip and everyone but everyone has an artfully coiffed-to- perfection hairdo?

so after about 20 minutes of pacing back and forth past the entrance of a swanky looking salon. and then another five minutes of hovering by the door, one of the receptionists  came out and asked if she could help me ( in japanese of course). we established that i didnt speak japanese and she didnt speak english but we managed to sign  our way though booking me an appointment.
 I went back  a few hours later to be met with the disappointing news that there would be no hair dying that day ( or any other). apparently, despite the walls being adorned with enormous photos of western  women,  no one was feeling brave enough to actually give it a go. they apologetically  informed me that they only dyed japanese hair. i guess the reason japan has hair  down to such a fine art is that they've only ever had one type of hair to contend with here.
.. huuumph.  this is bad news for a girl who loves the bottle.  i havent had completely natural hair since i was 13. the thought of it strikes fear into my heart.

 judging by the expression  on his face, (somewhere between fear and confusion) i got the distinct impression that they'd drawn straws to pick the poor soul who got lumbered with the task of cutting the mop. he did pretty good job as it turns out, although there was a moment when he set about thinning my hair with a blade that i had my doubts..
...alas, it still looks like my hair...and i have not become instantly cool and groomed as id hoped.  *sigh* i guess, as the saying goes, you cannot polish a turd.

p.s  errrm can someone send me some sun-in please. this situation is looking quite desperate folks.

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