Thursday, 25 February 2010

paper greetings...

i realise i have been a woefully bad blogger of late. i've been getting into the swing of a new job which has been occupying my time way more than i'd like. i dont get home until 11pm which has put my entire body clock out of kilter and seems to be leaving me very little time for the important things! im working on changing that asap, let me tell you!
on my day off i followed a tip from one of my students (a prize winning quilter and crafter) to this UH-mazing shop. yuzawaya is an enormous 5 story crafters haven, part of a chain in japan. i've never seen anything like it, they stock everything, i mean everything that those of a crafty disposition could possibly desire. whether quilt making, doll making, embroidery, glasswork, crocheting, knitting or leather work be your craft of choice, this place has what  you need.
be warned: if you are a crafter and you ever find yourself in the kamata region, in need of a fix;  enter with caution. go in with a plan.  i emerged after a two hour binge, with an extremely random selection of materials. exciting? yes. pretty? yes. purposeful?...what do you reckon? planning is not my forte.  these paper discs may or may not be destined for some handmade greetings cards. i have them on the brain since the rubber stamp frenzy of last week...good idea? yey or ney?

p.s they also stocked the most beautiful japanese fabrics i've ever seen so there could also be cushion covers here soon.

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