Monday, 12 April 2010


this is what happens in japan when the cherry trees bloom. people worship the cherry blossom. it s everywhere at this time of year. it is celebrated like a festival, with shops offering sakura flavoured everything...the image of the cherry bloom adorns everything from billboards to menus. there is even a cherry blossom forecast, counting down the days until the trees explode into life and people take pictures frantically as though it were the first time it had ever happened. at this time of year the whole of japan turns sugary pink in celebration of this sweet smelling flower that lasts just a short week.

this is in yoyogi park in tokyo. people had come out in their thousands to languish beneath the beautiful boughs...and drink...and mingle and sing and did i mention drink?... a lot.

p.s after boasting about fixing the blog it seems to have broken again i can only post via posterous not ideal!... I need the help on a nerd.

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Lou said...

Hey missy, how are you my love? The blossom here in Brizzle is pretty awesome too... trees are absolutely laden with blooms of all colours. So envious of you working in Japan, it was always on my list to do... but hey on a different journey now. Got a blog of my own ....

much love hun, lou xx

Elle said...

Hey Love! Sorry i only just discovered this message. Working in Japan is amazing but you know I miss the motherland too. also your journey seems to be rather a wonderful one!
Welcome to blogland! I'll shall be adding you to my daily reads.
Lotsa love xxx

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