Thursday, 1 April 2010


I havent posted for ages because i cant get onto my 'new post ' page on my blogger account. Its driving me mad! what can i do? is anyone else having this problem?
this week i have been recovering from an amazing fun packed last week with onders and wild weekend in tokyo with ben, heidi and co. where we discovered a place that serves Y50 beers! (thats 33p to you...33p!!!)
we did a lot of exploring and made some great discoveries in tokyo and kamakura. it was great being a tourist for a change. we went to tucked away suburbs and discovered lovely vintage boutiques and cafes with the most delicious coffee and cake. we found an excellent music shop/coffee shop/music venue in kamakura where we substituted the coffee for beer and ate more cake!

i finally experienced my first onsen. which i think i enjoyed all the more because it rained so hard all day. i was cold to the bone, sinking into that steaming hot volcanic rock pool, while the rain still splashed my face was magic.

I went to not one but two galleries and saw lots of exhibitions ( including the planets above) in the space of a week. wandered along blossom lined canals in the sun. went to art night and enjoyed the gimmicky instillations in the incredible futuristic ropongi hills and even squeezed in a mad hatter's party and some dancing. by sunday night i was in pieces but feeling very very good about life in japan.

this week i've also been attending some pretty intensive training for my new job which starts on monday. im knackered. i skipped today on the basis that being voluntary (unpaid) training, it cannot be that important ne?

hopefully blogger will sort itself out i can write a proper post!! with links and more photos!

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