Monday, 19 April 2010

spring time in japan

I love my new job and most of all I love my new walk to work. the neighborhood is suddenly a riot of colour. sakura (cherry blossom) is in full bloom and pansies of every colour and variety nestle in clusters at the foot of every tree. tiny front gardens, hanging baskets and window boxes are bursting with fragrant lillies of the valley, hyacinths and sweetpeas. every inch or exposed earth has been planted with some gaudy bloom or other.
hiding in grass along railway tracks are silky orange poppies and sprays of mysterious flowers, violet , white like little stars. tiny wild yellow and blue flowers have sprung through the cracks in the paving slabs and the concrete banks of the river near the school. fujisawa is like one big nanas garden... on steroids. I love it!!!

and then there's the kids i see on the way... its so safe in japan that elementary kids walk to school in convoy without their parents! the one who lives furthest sets off and picks up his neighbor, they go to the next house and so on, gathering more friends on the way. they walk in crocodile formation, chattering away and the best part..they all wear matching yellow caps ( in my hood anyway).  to call these little guys sweet would be an understatement. this morning was raining so each one of them had a different brightly coloured umbrella.  it was like watching a giant colourful centipede navigate  pavements and crossings ahead of me. for once i didnt mind the rain.  

ps still posting through posterous. blogger fooked. i need to reformat my mac or sommit. arrgh.

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